About Us

Who we Are

Combat-Lebanon Public Health, one of the best Pest Control companies in the region, is a well-established company that can handle hygiene, sanitation, and pest management.

Legalized by the Lebanese Ministry of Health (Reg No: 2/2505) and backed up by its membership in the National Pest Management Association (NPMA-USA)Combat- Lebanon is equipped to provide first class services to all its clients at all time.

What makes Combat- Lebanon a different company from others is its preventive programs and procedures and using the most recent methods and techniques supported by a fully trained team that can apply the company’s high standards.

Combat-Lebanon both Residential and Commercial Divisions will take care of protecting your family’s health, property, and business against all pests.

At Combat-Lebanon, your safety is our main concern; this is why all of Combat- Lebanon’s operations are safety oriented:

  • Non-Toxic Chemicals
  • Environment Friendly
  • Odorless Treatments
  • Highly trained technicians
  • Harmless to Pets and Plants

Combat-Lebanon slogan: Healthy Living and Safe Environment.

Programs of Services and Warranty:


Combat-Lebanon guarantees its results; this is why in the unlikely case of unsatisfactory outcome you are always entitled to free of charge call backs.
Combat- Lebanon programs are covered by the company limited Warranty on Labor and Material all year round.

Program of Services:

First, a full Inspection to the premises in order to familiarize our service team with the size, function and the requirements to service your facility.

Second, one basic service for all your premises against Crawling Insects (ants, cockroaches) and Rodents (mice and rats).

Third, on the 20th day, after the basic services, Combat-Lebanon will undertake a second service in order to confirm and coordinate with the Management for any difficulties facing previous interventions and treat areas that where inaccessible earlier.

Fourth, a two Trimester Control Treatment taking place every 4 month for all your premises against the above-mentioned pests.

Method Followed:

Combat-Lebanon specifically follows the NPMA (National Pest Management Association) Norms and Procedures as well as the Lebanese Public Health ministry guidelines.

All used chemicals are approved by local authorities.

During the application of the Pest Control Works, Combat-Lebanon focuses on the proper selection of the chemicals, the safety of the applicators and of the premises.

Emergency response Hot line number is available 24/7

Transport and storage of Chemicals is under strict controls.

Combat- Lebanon follows an Environmental policy.